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Jeonan Cool and Loyal "Robin" x Tricky Blue's Keyboarder "Hippu"


Born 5.2.2021
tricolor dog, blue merle dog and 2 tricolor bitches.

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Pikikuonon Asser "Jaska" x Tricky Blue's Special Case "Ramona"


Born 3.2.2021
2 tricolor dogs, blue merle bitch and bi black bitch.

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1. litter (Luka x Pikkis. b. 15.12.2012)

2. litter (Chino x Pikkis. b. 25.11.2014)

3. litter (Kay x Tamara. b. 7.4.2015)

4. litter (Rumppi x Pikkis. b. 3.4.2016)

5. litter (Kay x Tamara. b. 14.7.2016)

6. litter (Kay x Tamara. b. 18.9.2017)

7. litter (Ringo x Tamara. b. 23.4.2018)

8. litter (Soni x Sandy. s. 24.10.2018)

9. litter (Robin x Hippu. s. 27.10.2018)